One things ends, another begins…

The first volume of The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year appeared way back in 2007. There’d been talk about it coming out the year before, so I’ve probably been working on the series consistently for the thirteen years or more it’s taken to get to the volume that will be out this April from Solaris.

During that time I’ve worked with multiple editors, two publishers (four if you look back), an editing partner (Marty Greenberg), and hundreds of fabulous, talented writers. I’m grateful to each of them for every minute of it. But volume thirteen is the end of the road for the series. It’s done. Complete. I thought it would go on forever, but that’s not to be.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year will finish this April, meaning that for the first time since 2006 I don’t have a commitment to edit a series of books. Infinity wound up in July and now the best of the year. So it goes…or so it appears.

Actually, I’m not done. I can’t tell you what’s happening – I wish I could, but I want the ink dry on the contract before I do – but I will be editing a new year’s best series for 2020. It’s a change of theme for the year’s best and a move from the UK to New York for the publisher, and I’m actually delighted with this. It’s pretty huge. My editor is fabulous (in fairness, all of my editors have been), the publishing house is an exciting one, and I think the revamped series will be exciting to work on.

So, on to 2019. I’ll issue a call for stories as soon as I can, but for the moment, publishers please keep sending me work. The Year’s Best goes on…!

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