Episode 348: Nebulas, Hugos, ereading and more

As usual at this time of year, Jonathan and Gary sit down to discuss the beginning of the awards season, and in particular the recently announced Nebula finalists and the fact that the Hugo nominations remain open for another couple of weeks.

Needless to say, this leads off in various directions about whether there is really more first-rate short fiction these days, or merely a broader range of venues, a more diverse pool of editors, or perhaps even more specialized readerships. We also touch upon the comparative virtues and disadvantages of text files vs PDFs vs Kindle, and the sometimes challenging logistics of convention attendance. We also strongly urge everyone to seek out not only online venues, but print magazines before finalizing their Hugo votes.


One thought on “Episode 348: Nebulas, Hugos, ereading and more”

  1. After Gary’s comments about Kindles and page numbering and the following discussion about settings, can I just point out that not all Kindle books have “real” page numbers as an option. Indeed the one I am reading at the moment does not and only lets me choose “location” (or time remaining).

    Its title – Infinity’s End.

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