Ten Minutes with…a second series

Ten Minutes with....the Coode Street Podcast
Ten Minutes with….

This year has thrown everyone for a loop. We were all supposed to travel, to have jobs to go to, to see one another, to not be sick or scared or just weary of the world — so many things should have been different. But this is 2020 – the year that keeps on giving – and we can only live in the world we have.

When COVID hit, without much, thought, Coode Street launched what was to become the Ten Minutes with… series of short podcasts – a daily series of 104 episodes where Gary and Jonathan individually talked to readers, writers, and editors from around the world about what they were reading, what they would recommend to other readers, and what they were working on. It stretched from March 29 to 16 July and people seemed to enjoy it, find a bit of distraction daily. We did too, but we needed a break.

What we realised during the break was that doing those episodes was – at least for Jonathan – helping cope with everything. A welcome distraction and engagement, so we’re bringing them back. Starting Monday, 10 August (Perth time) Coode Street will return to daily publication of the Ten Minutes with… series for the foreseeable future. We didn’t say we’d do a hundred episodes when we started the first time and we’re not saying that now, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

The first episodes will be:

  • Brooke Bolander (Monday 10/8)
  • Daniel Abraham (Tues 11/8)
  • AT Greenblatt (Wed 12/8)
  • Molly Gloss (Thurs 12/8)
  • Alec Nevala-Lee (Fri 13/8)

We will be talking to Amal El-Mohtar, Arkady Martine,  Sarah Gailey, and R F Kuang soon. After that,  who knows where the podcast will take us. Join us to find out.

You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, or download episodes directly from Podbean.

After the hacking

Jonathan Strahan
Jonathan Strahan

Well, as is clear from the previous post and my social media, this blog was hacked by some nice people who used a bot of some sort to crack an old FTP password, delete everything and inject cruft into the database.

These things happen and it’s taken a bit of time to get the whole thing going again. It’ll take a good while for me to go through and clean up the fifteen or so years worth of posts here so I have to decide if that’s worth the time, so my apologies for odd characters in older posts.  I’m also going to give some thought to what place, if any, a blog has in the modern world. It probably should be some kind of personal sales thing, but that doesn’t sound a lot of fun, really.