Episode 489: Ten Minutes with Daniel Abraham

Ten minutes with… is a special series presented by Coode Street that sees readers and booklovers from around the world talk about what they’re reading right now and what’s getting them through these difficult times.

Over the past decade Daniel Abraham has become famous as half of James S.A. Corey, creators of The Expanse, but in addition to creating incredible space opera and great television, Daniel has crafted some of the best science fiction and fantasy of the past decade. Today he talks to Jonathan about reading, writing, and working during the pandemic, working for television, the work of Tim Powers and Carmen Maria Machado, and much more.


You can listen to an excerpt from Daniel’s story, “Yuli”, right now and if you live in the US and are over 18 you can enter our sweepstakes to win one of ten copies by following this link!

Books mentioned include:

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