Episode 500: Second verse…

For their 500th episode (if you count the shorter “10 Minutes With” episodes they’ve been doing since March), Jonathan and Gary characteristically fail to achieve any sort of clear structure for the discussion but do return to some favourite themes. While we manage to avoid reopening the old canon of worms, we do talk about what science fiction cultural literacy might look like—not in terms of specific works, but in terms of concepts and techniques, and how they might change over time. Would a reader of Gardner Dozois’s first “year’s best” anthology feel any sense of familiarity with Jonathan’s volume from 2020? And as usual, we look at the year so far, some forthcoming books to look for, and the pleasures we’ve had in chatting with new and old friends in our shorter lockdown-era podcasts.

One thought on “Episode 500: Second verse…”

  1. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the “10 minutes with…” podcasts and was glad to hear that you would be continuing them going forward. It’s nice to actually hear the voices of those authors and hear their responses to your questions.

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