Saturday morning, just a little later in the same pandemic

These entries are all, so far, just notes to me really. I don’t think I’ve left on any syndication, but the point is to get me a little more focussed on work and stuff, and hopefully this will nudge me.

Anyway, another Saturday morning. A first cup of coffee. Maybe a mild sore throat, possibly after the second Pfizer shot, so that may connect. Who knows? Today is all about making house decorating decisions, which is cool, and then a lunch with the family. Not pushing to make the day much more packed than that. It’s raining. Stupid cat came running in, as though that’s a surprise in this wettest of July’s,  and is now watching a door, fascinated.  Shrug.

Anyway, read a bit more of The Hood before bed. That’s just a very violent book.  Actually feel in the mood for something a little cozier, so may read another chapter, or drop in a dark, noir crime novel and then come back to it.

Momentous stuff, yes? In other plans, today is Locus column edits, notes on new book proposals, and trying to work out if I have anything useful to say about space opera…

2 thoughts on “Saturday morning, just a little later in the same pandemic”

  1. These notes come through the RSS feed just fine, and are quite enjoyable. Keep them coming.

    We are enjoying Ted Lasso too.

    All the best,

    One one of your many podcast listeners.

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