Someone in Time: Tales of Timecrossed Romance – Cover and table of contents

Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance
Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance (Solaris, May 2022)

This coming May the incredible team at Rebellion Publishing will release my next book, Someone in Time: Tales of Timecrossed Romance. It’s a collection of stories about love and romance through time, inspired by some of my favourite stories.

The table of contents is below. You can pre-order the paperback here and the ebook here.

Even time can’t unravel love

Time-travel is a way for writers to play with history and imagine
different futures – for better, or worse.

When romance is thrown into the mix, time-travel becomes a passionate tool, or heart-breaking weapon. A time agent in the 22nd century puts their whole mission at risk when they fall in love with  the wrong person. No matter which part of history a man visits, he  cannot not escape his ex. A woman is desperately in love with the time-space continuum, but it doesn’t love her back. As time passes and falls apart, a time-traveller must say goodbye to their soulmate.

With stories from best-selling and award-winning authors such as Seanan McGuire, Alix E. Harrow and Nina Allan, this anthology gives a taste for the rich treasure trove of stories we can imagine with love, loss and reunion across time and space.

Including stories by: Alix E. Harrow, Zen Cho, Seanan McGuire,  Sarah Gailey, Jeffrey Ford, Nina Allan, Elizabeth Hand, Lavanya Lakshminarayan, Catherynne M. Valente, Sam J. Miller, Rowan  Coleman, Margo Lanagan, Sameem Siddiqui, Theodora Goss, Carrie Vaughn, & Ellen Klages.

Introduction, Jonathan Strahan
Roadside Attraction, Alix E. Harrow
The Past Life Reconstruction Service, Zen Cho
First Aid, Seanan McGuire
I Remember Satellites, Sarah Gailey
The Golden Hour, Jeffrey Ford
The Lichens, Nina Allan
Kronia, Elizabeth Hand (classic reprint)
Bergamot and Vetiver, Lavanya Lakshminarayan
The Difference Between Love and Time, Catherynne M. Valente
Unbashed, or: Jackson, Whose Cowardice Tore a Hole in the Chronoverse, Sam J. Miller
Romance: Historical, Rowan Coleman
The Place of all the Souls, Margo Lanagan
Timed Obsolescence, Sameem Siddiqui
A Letter to Merlin, Theodora Goss
Dead Poets, Carrie Vaughn
Time Gypsy, Ellen Klages (classic reprint)