Monday morning, again

The pandemic progresses.  With the recent changes to masking rules in Western Australia, my day job employer is calling us back to work. We’ve been working from home on and off for a while but were at home full-time for the past six weeks or so.  Today (Monday) is the end of that. We’re now back to our previous roster, which means Tues-Thurs I’ll be in the office. This is not the end of the world, but it’s not my first choice.

Today started slowly because I am on a late shift.  Up at 7am, had a cup of swamp water (peppermint tea), out for a walk, then home to work. I have a lot to do, both for the day job and not, so busy.

In the meantime, since I’m not currently editing a year’s best anthology series for anyone, I’ll try to note some of the best short fiction I’m reading about the place. My favourite story of the moment is Maureen McHugh’s wonderful “The Goldfish Man“, from Uncanny 45. Because it’s online and shareable, you should go read it if you see this. It would be in my year’s best.

3 thoughts on “Monday morning, again”

  1. Wait—you’re not currently editing a year’s best series for anyone? What about the Saga Press books?

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