Another day

Having bounced hard off Apple’s Severance, which I found a deeply unhappy viewing experience, I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes of Made for Love much more. The similarities may not be obvious, but one is a tech-bro horror/fantasy about work and the other is a tech-bro horror/fantasy about love and relationships. It’s not actually funny, but it is engaging. Cristin Milioti is great, and Ray Romano almost always works (though his inclusion is, to say the least, heavy-handed). I’m optimistic the next few episodes will be interesting. I am on the fence as to whether a couple of moments of violence in the first episode are justified, but we’ll see.

Other than that, it’s Tuesday. Exercise will have to wait till after work. I’m back in the day job office, which is fine, but not my first choice. I did get all of yesterday’s tasks done, so the taxes are off to the accountant shortly. I also got no almost no reading done yesterday, which was not good. I’m in the early stages of John Darnielle’s Devil House and enjoying it. I seem to have abandoned to disinterest Adam Oyenanji’s debut, Braking Day, but may come back to it. Time will tell.

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