More on Wednesday

Didn’t get the additional exercise on Tuesday so some ground to make up on Wednesday. I did watch a handful of episodes of Made for Love and am hooked.  The copy of Le Guin’s  The Found and the Lost arrived too. Sadly,  Amazon’s poor packaging meant the dustjacket was slightly torn, so that’s not so good. It’s both an impressive and a useless book, in my opinion. Too big and bulky to be useful as a book, but filled with wonderful work, which is frustrating.

I did get my tax return for 2020/21 submitted which means, assuming the ATO doesn’t dispatch their stealth ninjas for me, that a refund is on its way. I have to get the quarterly return done, then on to the next annual one. I also have an enormous backlog of editing and such to do. I think I fell into a real funk, editing-wise, when Saga dropped the year’s best series, so I need to find my feet there a bit.

We also had the company we’d chosen to build our new patio decided not to proceed this morning, so that needs more attention. It does feel a bit one step forward, six steps back right now, but I’m sure it will improve.

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