Cat people

In October 2018 we went looking for a new cat. Sophie found the slightly wild and temperamental Gigi somewhere south of the river, and I think mostly thought she was pretty, and said she should come home with us.

Jessica, who is phobic about animals, said she was up for it. Sophie’s birthday was approaching, and her present to Sophie was to agree to us having a cat. I was, to be honest, pretty neutral. I’d last had a cat more than a decade earlier and didn’t feel like I needed to repeat the experience. But Gigi was renamed Gwen (actually something longer, but I’ll just mistype it), and joined the family.

It’s been a very mixed experience. Gwen was a bit wild, but settled into a fairly sweet but temperamental cat who mostly wanted to be left alone, which didn’t really suit Sophie, who wanted a cuddly best pal, or Jessica, whose resolve failed utterly and to do this day just wishes she’d leave. It’s not been easy but she’s cute. Marianne, who had no interest in cats, has become Gwen’s bestie, which is kind of funny.

This photo shows her not long after her arrival, just curious.

Today is an odd day. I was due to be in the office but am working from home. We have Jon-Paul coming to repair the hallway floor, the first of many, many repairs and upgrades to the house, which has fallen into sufficient disrepair that one tradesperson asked if it was a rental (rude!). Hopefully, that will go well. I did get a walk in, but everything else feels stalled. Other than that, things are just ambiently stressful, though it’s a lovely day.

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