Episode 585: Caution – May Contain Traces of Kitten

After far too many weeks of an unscheduled summer hiatus, Jonathan and Gary are back with a discussion of the recent Worldcon, which felt in many ways like a return to classic Worldcon form. But then we amble into a discussion that ranges from whether there are too many awards in SF to the question of whether “hard SF” is still a viable category that means what it once did—”playing with the net up”–and how the multiverse seems to have joined time travel and even moon colonies as narrative devices which has more or less escaped the rigours of SF to become features of mainstream novels and media franchises. Also, as always, a bit about who and what we’ve been reading.

2 thoughts on “Episode 585: Caution – May Contain Traces of Kitten”

  1. Jonathan, I love your podcast, but I wish you would put more detail in the notes! I just spent half an hour re-listening to this one, ’cause I couldn’t remember a novel you’d mentioned by an author whose name was new to me. Turns out it was Ray Nayler’s “The Mountain in the Sea.” Thanks, though, for the tip!

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