Episode 594: The Coode Street Advent Calendar: Alex Jennings

ballad.jpegFor the fourth instalment of the Coode Street Advent Calendar, Jonathan called New Orleans to talk to exciting debut author Alex Jennings about how he was still envious about not having made it to the World Fantasy Convention there. The conversation also touched on what Alex had been reading, what they have coming out, and their fabulous first novel, The Ballad of Perilous Graves, which Alex describes as “a Blaxploitation Pippi Longstocking adventure”!!!

As always, we hope you enjoy the conversation.

Episode 591: The Coode Street Advent Calendar: Nicola Griffith

spear.jpegThe end of the year is fast approaching, and this year the Coode Street Podcast is doing something a little different. We’ve invited 24 creators of some of this year’s best and most interesting books to join us for ten minutes or so to talk about what they’re reading now, their favourite holiday reads, what they had out this year, and what they’ve got coming out in the year ahead. It’s a Coode Street Advent Calendar if that’s your thing, or just a run-up to December 24 for book lovers.

Today’s guest is the wonderful Nicola Griffith, the multiple award-winning author of Ammonite, Slow River, Hild, and many more. Her brilliant queer recasting of the Arthurian story, Spear, was published earlier this year.

Episode 590: The Coode Street Advent Calendar 2022

With the end of the year almost upon us, Coode Street was looking for a way to celebrate the books we read and loved during 2022. We also wanted to help you find something great to read for yourself or for someone close to you. And so the 2022 Coode Street Advent Calendar was born! Here are twenty-eight books that we loved and that we think you might love too. Space operas and epic fantasies, horror stories and comedies. Six-hundred page immersive tomes and light-footed short story collections.  A little bit of everything! To make this more than just a list, though, we’re going to do something else. Every day between now and December 25 we’re chatting with the wonderful creators of these books and asking them about what they’ve been reading, what holiday story they’d recommend, their own books for this year, and the ones they might have coming in 2023.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that there aren’t quite 28 entries in our Advent Calendar. You’re right! We’re still to record a few, but they should all be in place before this is done. But keep your eyes peeled for more.

What else did we do? Well, it’s Coode Street, so we rambled about books of the year, short story collections and more. Hope you enjoy it!