And that was the weekend that was, that was

I had a fairly quiet weekend by my standards. I had a Locus Board Meeting at 7 am, which is an ungodly hour for something like that, but the only time really to get everyone involved together. We talked about many things, including how Locus can really use your help and support. It was also good to see so many friends that I’ve not seen in so long.

Right after that, I had breakfast with my brother Stephen at Fez in Mt Lawley. It’s had a few ups and downs over the years but serves a pretty solid breakfast right now. Once that was done, home and did some work before a nice lunch out by the sea at Clancy’s Fish Pub, where I scratched my summertime margarita itch. To be honest, it wasn’t a great margarita, but it was fun. Home again to do some stuff before the family went out, M to see Alan Cummings and the girls to see a rooftop screening of Mama Mia. I had a lovely afternoon and evening, cooking up steak on the barbecue before watching some cricket, reading a bit, then having an early night.

Sunday was a little busy too. I was up early as always so breakfast, editing etc. I recorded episode 621 of the Coode Street Podcast with Gary before a long chat with Liza about the recommended reading list. We then had a quiet lunch at home. The girls were all out again so I finished reading Garth’s The Sinister Booksellers of Bath, watched some cricket, the opening of Three Pines, and then we had a power outage just before bed.

On to the week ahead!

Uneven distribution

The future is not evenly distributed. I’m no longer surprised that when Gary Wolfe and I try to talk to people for the podcast they simply don’t have the internet connectivity to record as we usually do.

Landline recording is always a bit fiddly, and just became fiddlier because the Skype add-on (Call Recorder) I used for many years to record the podcast is not compatible with Macs using Apple silicon. Which means it’s lucky I haven’t re-homed the old MacBook yet, but this next episode (to a distant Welsh valley, I believe) will likely be one of the last to a landline.