Episode 621: Coode Street’s Books for Look Forward to in 2023

To kick off 2023, Jonathan and Gary share their lists of the books that they’re looking forward to reading in 2023.

They mention a lot of forthcoming titles, ranging books from old masters like Peter S. Beagle, Howard Waldrop, Joanna Russ, Gene Wolfe, and Connie Willis to newer writers like Samit Basu, Vajra Chandrasekera, Alix E. Harrow, Emily Tesh, and Premee Mohamed, as well as essential collections from Kelly Link, E. Lily Yu, Joanna Russ, K.J. Parker, Sarah Pinsker, and others.

The team also cheerfully acknowledge that the year will undoubtedly present us with some complete surprises and that we will be reading fantastic work from authors we haven’t even heard of yet. The field seems as lively and promising as ever!

Pre-order links

Books mentioned in the podcast include:

Cusp of the weekend

I might need a haircut and look a million years old in this photo, and the chair I’m sitting on might be bloody uncomfortable, but it’s the weekend, so let’s have at it!

Today was spent working, editing (a novella called “On Clan Business”, trying to get some stuff finished, and mostly falling behind.  It was also, for a while, bloody hot. Then the wind turned, the westerlies came in, and it looks like it might be ok.

I did watch a bit of cricket and I do have a book I’m reading (which is good, given the past year where I doubt I finished an SF novel I started), so there’s that. But first, I might just edit one more story and then grab a whisky. That could work. Not too much, though. Got a board meeting at 7 am tomorrow.

At home

This morning feels like a million years ago. Had a fairly solid night’s sleep and woke around 5-ish. Daughter was awake so we went down to Mt Lawley to get the mail before home for me, at least to the day job. While daughter had issues with a film project that caused her great anxiety, I tried to work and focus, which was challenging. Was going to watch cricket after but rain delays in Sydney stopped that. And then the car had issues. Can’t close or lock the front door, so now waiting on repair folk. I am, as they say, getting too old for this shit.

In SF, very sadly got news that Suzy McKee Charnas died. I didn’t know her well, but she was smart and tough and funny and wrote wonderfully. She’ll be missed. I did get a contract for a book in the email, so I need to look at that. All in all, not an easy day, but probably one that won’t stand out in memory.

First day back

Today was the first day back at the day job after three weeks or so off. Up at 5am, S had been up all night and wanted a lift, so off at the usual time with mum for coffee and catch up in Mt Lawley. From there, in to the city and to the office. G was in, and so were K & C, but everyone else was either working remotely or on leave. That made for a quiet day.

Other than that, no real reading done. I’m behind on editing etc, so lots to do. Got a draft novella in email too, so that’s something to be working on, as well as catching up on everything, and recommended reading. Yay.

The day after New Year’s

Well, another less-than-great night’s sleep. Awake at 4.45am and didn’t get back to sleep, so I sat down with a cup of coffee and spent two or three hours editing. Just catching up on stuff. The family started to appear around 8 am, which was nice.  Around 9 am Jess, Sophie, and I headed over to Fez for breakfast – a birthday treat from Jess, which was lovely.

Got home around 10.30 and the family surprised me with some lovely, thoughtful gifts. Jess gave me thongs, a tie, and a luggage tag. Sophie gave me a gift voucher to a patisserie, and Marianne gave me some art and a suitcase.  Lovely and kind.

Had a bit of a dizzy spell after that, so crashed before heading over to Karalee on Preston for a birthday lunch with the extended family. The place is really lovely and went down well, especially with mum. We bumped into some family friends which was nice, and then Mum, Barbara, and Stephen gave me some very generous and thoughtful gifts too. A very nice time indeed.

Got home and helped Sophie with some minor editing on her script and watched a bit of cricket. Along the way stumbled across a cache of gift vouchers from three years ago that are still valid this month, so need to rush with those. Feeling very stupid about that, but I always seem to lose track. Have to do better.

And that’s day 2 of the 2023.  Got some editing letters to send today and a lot of stuff backed up to clear up. Busy times.