Episode 647: Oh no, not us again…

cropped-cropped-hugo_sm.jpgOnce again with no guest to give us focus, Jonathan and Gary return to rambling mode, spurred on by the observation that voting for the 2024 Hugo Awards is now open.

This leads to our ongoing discussion of what the Hugo Awards do and do not represent, why voting for your favorite works is important even if you haven’t read all the nominees, what makes a genuine SFF classic, and how the Hugo procedures and categories differ from those of the World Fantasy Awards—which are also accepting nominations from members of the 2022, 2023, and 2024 conventions.

We suggest you take a look at Jo Walton’s An Informal History of the Hugos if you’re interested in a history of the Hugos, and point out that nominations for the 2024 World Fantasy Awards are now open too.

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