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Erratic service

I seem to think about writing here more than I actually do. Apologies for that. I’m dealing with some kind of weird problems with this site that relate to attacks from somewhere in China. I have no idea why. However, it’s probably a good reason to point anyone listening to the podcast to access it/download it from the Podbean site. I’ve been cross-posting it here, but I’m going to try only posting it there, and then posting a link here. I’m eager not to lose anyone so please let me know if you have troubles and I’ll do what I can to get things fixed.

In other news, I lucked out and saw You Am I a few weeks, watched my cricket team lose badly, bought some cds, maybe bought some hi-fi gear, and have read a bit. Bought a Greg Egan story for Reach for Infinity, and made some changes to a few other projects.

Oh, I’ve also sent out the first contracts for stories to be reprinted in The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Vol 8, which is exciting. I’m toying with changing the balance of the book a little, to make it more dynamic.  I’m considering essentially preparing two separate full book tables of contents – one for SF and one for fantasy – and when I have two strong stand-alones, then blending them together. Not sure if that’ll work, or if it’s what I want, but I was taken with the strength and simplicity of the ToCs for Best SF 2003 and Best Fantasy 2003 when I looked at them a little while ago. It would remove some interstitial stuff, though, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Episode 153: On Sharknado, politics, and international SF

It was another typical day in the office for the Coode Street team. Having taken the time and made the effort to ascend to the Gershwin Room (there are a LOT of stairs), having avoided the temptations of the Tiki Lounge, having decided not to simply spend their time gossiping, Gary and Jonathan instead turn their attention to pressing issues like Sharknado and modern SF, whether British SF is more political than its US counterparts, and the growning prominence of non-Anglo SF with a minor sidestep into what it is to be an insider in the SF field. Naked attempts to persuade readers to buy new books are truncated by the sudden termination of the podcast due to Jonathan’s PC crashing. Fortunately they were close to done. Still, they hope you enjoy the podcast and remain, now as ever, the mullahs of Coode St.

Edge of Infinity award

2013 Locus Award for Best Anthology
2013 Locus Award for Best Anthology

Sometimes the mail brings happy things indeed. I was very sorry I couldn’t be in Seattle at the Locus Awards to accept the Best Anthology award for Edge of Infinity in person. I was delighted then, and remain delighted now, that the book won. I’m very proud of it, and am very grateful to my good friends at Locus for the awards, and the team at Solaris Books for their incredible work on the book.

Episode 151: Live with Robert Shearman and Howard Waldrop

The great Lost Podcasts of 2012 are a part of Coode Street Podcast lore. A sad and painful memory of four wonderful conversations ever lost to perfidious technology. This week one of the participants in those conversations, brilliant short story writer Robert Shearman, and living legend Howard Waldrop, join Gary and Jonathan in a special podcast recorded in Boston at Readercon 24. Much is discussed about the art of the short story, changes in contemporary culture, and more. As always, we hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast!