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Notes leading up to the Brighton 2013 WFC

Welcome to the countdown…

T-45 days according to an internet thingy I was playing with this morning: that’s how long it is till I fly out for London, Brighton, and the 2013 World Fantasy Convention. I’m at that stage where everything seems a bit chaotic and, if I let myself, I could get lost in trying to work out all of the details of the 15 days I’ll be away. Marianne and the girls will be staying home, so it’s another solo trip for me, though I will be staying with and traveling with friends when I’m there. It should be fun.

My schedule for the trip is very much up in the air, though I do want to keep it as open as possible. I have tentatively agreed to appear on two panels at World Fantasy. The convention has been very kind in offering me the opportunity to appear on programming, so I feel I should prepare for that. I also will be doing a little business.  All else should be friends and fun.

What do I have on before then? Well…I should get my special issue of Subterranean magazine wrapped up, for a start. Most of the stories are in, so I need to line up some art and bits and pieces, then get it delivered. I also need to get a LOT of reading done for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. It’s due in December, so I need to work on the intros and start contracting stories too. Along the way I want to get some ground work in on two other books, and get some advance work done on the next round of projects.

It is, of course, important I do this now because December itself will be chaotic. I will be working on the Locus Recommended Reading issue, and short fiction recommended reading list.  Then there’s Christmas, New Year and my birthday. Some days I feel like it’s March next year already…