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Awards Eligibility – 2020

It’s the end of the year and various awards will be open for nominations and so on soon. There is a lot of wonderful fiction out there and, having been busy during 2020, I’ve been lucky enough to help what I think are some really excellent works of fiction that I think are worthy of your consideration.

It was a year when I edited three new anthologies, one novel and three novellas for Publishing, four stories for, and acted as reviews editor for Locus for the 18th consecutive year.

As a podcaster, I think 2020 was in some ways a whole new thing. Depending on how you look at it, Gary K. Wolfe and I produced and hosted either 178 episodes of The Coode Street Podcast, or we produced 26 episodes of Coode Street and  152 episodes of a new short podcast, Ten Minutes with…” I prefer to see it as the latter.

Fiction edited in 2020


As a guide, fiction in Made to Order is science fiction, the fiction in The Book of Dragons is science fiction and fantasy, and are relevant for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards. The novellas range from science fiction to weird  fantasy.




  • Lucky’s Dragon, Kelly Barnhill (The Book of Dragons)
    Where the River Turns to Concrete, Brooke Bolander (The Book of Dragons)
  • The Long Walk, Kate Elliott (The Book of Dragons)
  • Brother Rifle, Daryl Gregory (Made to Order)
  • Pox, Ellen Klages (The Book of Dragons)
  • A Whisper of Blue, Ken Liu  (The Book of Dragons)
  • Idols, Ken Liu (Made to Order)
  • Maybe Just Go Up There And Talk To It, Scott Lynch (The Book of Dragons)
  • Cut me another quill, Mister Fitz, Garth Nix (The Book of Dragons)
  • Habitat, KJ Parker (The Book of Dragons)
  • Fairy Tales for Robots, Sofia Samatar  (Made to Order)

Short story

  • Yuli, Daniel Abraham (The Book of Dragons)
  • Except on Saturdays, Peter S. Beagle(The Book of Dragons)
  • A Glossary of Radicalization, Brooke Bolander (Made to Order)
  • Hikayat Sri Bujang, or, The Tale of The Naga Sage, Zen Cho(The Book of Dragons)
  • Dancing with Death, John Chu (Made to Order)
  • The Last Hunt, Aliette de Bodard(The Book of Dragons)
  • We Don’t Talk About the Dragon, Sarah Gailey(The Book of Dragons)
  • Sonnie’s Union, Peter F. Hamilton (Made to Order)
  • The Endless, Saad Z Hossein (Made to Order)
  • The Nine Curves River, R.F. Kuang(The Book of Dragons)
  • An Elephant Never Forgets, Rich Larson (Made to Order)
  • We Continue, Anne Leckie & Rachel Swirsky(The Book of Dragons)
  • Sin Eater, Ian R. Macleod (Made to Order)
  • Small Bird’s Plea, Todd McCaffrey(The Book of Dragons)
  • Hoard, Seanan McGuire (The Book of Dragons)
  • Camouflage, Patricia A McKillip(The Book of Dragons)
  • The Translator, Annalee Newitz (Made to Order)
  • The Hurt Pattern, Tochi Onyebuchi (Made to Order)
  • Chiaroscuro in Red, Suzanne Palmer (Made to Order)
  • Bigger Fish, Sarah Pinsker (Made to Order)
  • A Guide for Working Breeds, Vina Jie-Min Prasad (Made to Order)
  • Polished Performance, Alastair Reynolds (Made to Order)

Editor, Short-Form (Hugos)/Professional Achievement (WFA)

  • Jonathan Strahan (Made to Order: Robots and Rebellion; The Book of Dragons; The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Volume 1; Anthropocene Rag; Prosper’s Demons, The Tindalos Asset; The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water; stories;  Locus [reviews editor]

Best Fancast/Podcast

I hope you’ll consider supporting the talented people that I’ve worked with during the year.

Interruption to service

The whole being an editor thing means that you sort of work 365 days a year and 9-5 is a bit meaningless. That said, in the interests of sanity I will be clocking off at the end of the day on Wednesday 23 December and won’t be clocking back on until Monday 27 December 2020. During that time I won’t be answering editing emails, dealing with Locus work, or doing anything I should. I shall, instead, be enjoying the company of my family, reading some stuff for fun, and doing my best not to to think about either the day job or editing work.

Giveway! Ten copies of The Book of Dragons to win in the USA!!!

Well, this is pretty cool. The wonderful people at HarperVoyager are making ten (10) copies of The Book of Dragons available as giveaways to Coode Street readers, listeners, and to dragon lovers all across the United States.

If you’re in the USA, are over eighteen and sign up by following  this link and sign up  you could be one of ten people drawn randomly and  have a free copy of The Book of Dragons on its way to you very soon!

To celebrate, we’ll be featuring a number of Book of Dragons contributors on Ten Minutes with… and will be including links to audio samples from their stories.

Over  the coming two weeks we’ll have new podcasts with:

  • Daniel Abraham
  • Brooke Bolander
  • Amal El-Mohtar
  • Sarah Gailey
  • R. F. Kuang

and others!  We also have already talked to a whole bunch of the Book of Dragons team. Check out the interviews below!

The Book of Dragons - Kirkus


After the hacking

Jonathan Strahan
Jonathan Strahan

Well, as is clear from the previous post and my social media, this blog was hacked by some nice people who used a bot of some sort to crack an old FTP password, delete everything and inject cruft into the database.

These things happen and it’s taken a bit of time to get the whole thing going again. It’ll take a good while for me to go through and clean up the fifteen or so years worth of posts here so I have to decide if that’s worth the time, so my apologies for odd characters in older posts.  I’m also going to give some thought to what place, if any, a blog has in the modern world. It probably should be some kind of personal sales thing, but that doesn’t sound a lot of fun, really.