Howard Waldrop

A current listing of first publication for Howard Waldrop”‘s short fiction.

Title Publication
“Youth” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“The Pizza” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“The Long Goodnight” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“Davy Crockett Shoots the Moon” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“The Soul-Catcher (1966)” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“Vale Proditor! (1966)” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“The Adventure of the Countess’s Jewels (1965)” H’Ard Starts: The Early Howard Waldrop, Subterranean Press, October 2023
“Till the Cows Come Home to Roost” Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #37, March 2018
“The Dead Sea-Bottom Scrolls” Old Mars, Gardner Dozois & George R.R. Martin eds. (2013)
“Ninieslando” Warriors, Gardner Dozois & George R.R. Martin eds. (2010)
“Frogskin Cap” Songs of the Dying Earth, Gardner Dozois & George R.R. Martin eds. (Subterranean, 2009)
“Avast, Abaft!” Fast Ships, Black Sails, Jeff & Ann VanderMeer eds. (Night Shade Books, 2008)
“Kindermarchen” Sentinel Science Fiction, January 2007, Lou Antonelli ed.
“Thin, On the Ground” Cross Plains Universe, Scott Cupp and Joe Lansdale eds. World Fantasy Convention, November 2006
“The Bravest Girl I Ever Knew”¦” Kong Unbound, Karen Haber ed, 2005
“The King of Where-I-Go” Sci Fiction, December 2005
“The Horse of a Different Color (That You Rode in On)” Sci Fiction, November 2005
“The Wolfman of Alcatraz” Sci Fiction, Sept 22 2004
“D=RxT” Sci Fiction, Oct 22 2003
“Calling Your Name” Janis Ian’s Stars, ed. Janis Ian & Mike Resnick, DAW Books, 2003
A Better World’s in Birth Golden Gryphon 2003
“Why Then Ile Fit You” The Silver Gryphon, Gary Turner & Marty Halpern eds., Golden Gryphon 2003
“The Latter Days of the Law”(with Bruce Sterling) Custer’s Last Jump and Other Stories, Golden Gryphon 2003
“One Horse Town” (with Leigh Kennedy) Sci Fiction, Mar 14 2001
“The Other Real World” Sci Fiction, Jul 18 2001
“Major Spacer in the 21st Century” Dream Factories and Radio Pictures, Electric Story, 2001
“London, Paris, Banana” Amazing, Winter 2000
“Our Mortal Span” Black Heart, Ivory Bones, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Avon 2000
“Winter Quarters” Sci Fiction, Aug 2 2000
“The Dynasters, Vol. I, On the Downs” F&SF Oct/Nov 1999
“Mr. Goober’s Show” Omni Online, Mar 1998
“Heart of Whitenesse” New Worlds, David Garnett ed., 1997
“Scientifiction” Going Home Again, Eidolon 1997
“Flatfeet!” Asimov’s, Feb 1996
“El Castillo de la Perseverancia” 21st Annual World Fantasy Convention Program Book, Baltimore 1995
“Occam’s Ducks” Omni Feb 1995
“Household Words, or, The Powers-That-Be” Amazing, Winter 1994
“The Sawing Boys” Black Thorn, White Rose, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, Morrow AvoNova 1994
“Why Did?” Omni, Aprril 1994
“You Could Go Home Again” Cheap Street: New Castle, VA 1993
“The Effects of Alienation” Omni Jun 1992
“Fin de Cycle” Night of the Cooters, Ursus/Ziesing 1990
A Dozen Tough Jobs Mark V. Ziesing 1989
“The Passing of the Western” Razored Saddles, ed. Joe R. Lansdale & Pat LoBrutto, Arlington Heights, IL: Dark Harvest 1989
“Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance?” IASFM Aug 1988
“French Scenes” Synergy #2, ed. George Zebrowski, HBJ Harvest 1988
“Hoover’s Men” Omni Oct 1988
“US” Event Horizon, Oct 14 1998
“Wild, Wild Horses” Omni Jun 1988
“He-We-Await” All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past, Kansas City, MO: Ursus Imprints 1987
“Night of the Cooters” Omni Apr 1987
“Thirty Minutes Over Broadway! [Wild Cards]” Wild Cards, ed. George R. R. Martin, Bantam 1987
“Fair Game” Afterlives, ed. Pamela Sargent & Ian Watson, Vintage 1986
“The Lions Are Asleep This Night” Omni Aug 1986
“Flying Saucer Rock and Roll” Omni Jan 1985
“Heirs of the Perisphere” Playboy, Jul 1985
“What Makes Heironymous Run?” Shayol #7 1985
“Helpless, Helpless” Light Years and Dark, ed. Michael Bishop, Berkley 1984
“Apprenticeship” Modern Stories # 1, ed. Lewis Shiner, April 1983
“The World As We Know’T Shayol #6, 1982
“God’s Hooks!” Universe 12, ed. Terry Carr, Doubleday 1982
“Green Brother” Shayol #5 1982
“Ike at the Mike” Omni Jun 1982
“All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past” Shayol #4 1980
“Billy Big-Eyes” The Berkley Showcase, ed. Victoria Schochet & John Silbersack, Berkley 1980
“In the Shubbi Arms” (with Steven Utley) Galaxy, August 1980
“The Ugly Chickens” Universe 10, ed. Terry Carr, Doubleday 1980
“Horror, We Got” Shayol #3 1979
“Black as the Pit, from Pole to Pole” (with Steven Utley) New Dimensions 7, ed. Robert Silverberg, Harper & Row 1977
“Dr. Hudson’s Secret Gorilla” Shayol #1 1977
“The Adventure of the Grinder’s Whistle by Sir Edward Malone” Chacal Spr 1977
“Cthu’lablanca and Other Lost Screenplays” MidAmeriCon Program Book, Kansas City, MO. 1976
“Custer’s Last Jump” (with Steven Utley) Universe 6, ed. Terry Carr, Doubleday 1976
“Der Untergang des Abendlandesmenschen” Chacal, Winter 1976
“Man-Mountain Gentian” Omni Sep 1983
“Mary Margaret Road-Grader” Orbit 18, ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row 1976
“Men of Greywater Station ” (with George R.R. Martin) Amazing, March 1976
“Save a Place in the Lifeboat for Me” Nickelodeon #2 1976
“Sic Transit”¦?, A Shaggy Hairless-Dog Story (vt “Willow Beeman”) (with Steven Utley) Stellar #2, ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey, Ballantine 1976
“Sun Up” (with A. A. Jackson, IV) Faster Than Light, ed. George Zebrowski & Jack Dann, Harper & Row 1976
“Unsleeping Beauty and the Beast” Lone Star Universe, ed. Steven Utley & George Proctor, Heidelberg Press, Austin, 1976
“Crab o.t. Rex and Regina” (with Steven Utley) Eternity SF, May 1975
“Up Uranus!” (as by Franklin David Wyatt) (with Steven Utley and George Proctor) Adam, Vol 19 #1, January 1975
“My Sweet Lady Jo” Universe 4, ed. Terry Carr, Random House 1974
“Time and Variance” (with Buddy Jake Saunders and Steven Utley) Vertex, vol. 2 #3, June 1974
“Even The Children Know o.t Where I Lodge a Little While . . .” (with Steven Utley) Famous Monsters of Filmland # 102, August 1973
“Mono No Aware” Haunt of Horror # 2, August 1973
“A Voice and Bitter Weeping” (with Buddy Jake Saunders) Galaxy, June 1973
“Lunchbox” Analog, May 1972

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