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  1. I do read a lot of books, but I’ve always thought that people like David Hartwell and Gardner Dozois read much more than I do. (I’ve sometimes lumped you into that category, as well.) I may just be impressed by people who can keep up with short fiction, which I never seem to be able to do myself. (I was on a panel at Philcon about the best of 2005 with both of them, and Hartwell mentioned that he reads — or at least starts to read — something like two dozen stories a night.)

    For myself, it always seems like I’m not reading enough, not reading what I am reading quickly enough, and not stopping the to-be-read bookcase from getting every larger and larger.

    I do read a lot of different things, which sometimes seems odd in the SF/Fantasy world. (We have a lot of obsessives, who just read within the field and never venture outside.) That probably makes the pile seem more impressive.

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