Scalzi Last Colony ARC competition

Patrick Nielsen Hayden at Tor Books was kind enough to send me an advanced reader’s copy of John Scalzi’s new novel, The Last Colony. And then, when the first copy hadn’t shown up quickly enough, he sent me another. Both copies arrived safely, and I’ve duly read and enjoyed the book, however something’s been bothering me. The kindness of publishers isn’t something to be trifled with, and it’s not really fair on the world that I should end up with such bounty, so I’ve been thinking about what to do with the second The Last Colony ARC. And here it is. I’m going to run my first ever competition. The competition is this:

Scalzi Last Colony ARC competition

Create your own The Last Colony promotional image, post it on your blog, journal or website, and then let me know in the comments field to this post. If you don’t have a blog, journal, or website, email it to me, and I’ll add it here. The most interesting, entertaining or amusing will win the ARC, which will be posted by yours truly to your door. The competition is open from now until 21 March. The winner will be announcedhere on 22 March, and the ARC will be in the winner’s hands by the end of the month.


  1. PixelFish says:

    When you say promotional image, do you mean like a promotional poster? Or does fan art count too?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Something that promotes The Last Colony. It could be a web banner, a comic, a poster. An image. The point of the exercise is that I’d like to raise awareness of John’s book through the competition. So, make a cool TLC image, and that’ll do the job.

  3. Kate says:

    Hi there! I’m always up for a creative challenge and even though I know some awesome graphic artist will beat me to a pulp on this contest, I humbly submit the following for consideration. :)

    Done with none other than mspaint. (cackles)

  4. Christian says:

    I think those look pretty darn good Kate! Nice work, and I would never have guessed that you used MS paint.

    I thought this was a tough challenge. Without having read the book, there’s no way to guess what happens, or what should be included in the image. I was tempted to go with generic spaceships and so forth – but had much more fun than I thought I would trying to imagine what Zoe and Jane would look together. And I added my favorite quote from The Ghost Brigades as a tag line.

    I too am expecting that some graphic artist will beat us both to a pulp. If PixelFish comes back with an entry we are both toast.


  5. PixelFish says:

    Muahaha! I live in infamy! (I am working on an entry or two, because well, I actually have several ideas….but my primary entry is not yet done. Jonathan, is there a limit to the number of entries?)

  6. Jonathan says:

    No limit. As many entries as you’d like.

  7. Kate says:

    I got rid of the horrid text so you can actually read it now. Also, if you click on the pic, it’ll take you to a page where you can select the pic and few it full size.

    Christian, I really like yours as well!

  8. […] The Last Colony – a banner I did for John Scalzi’s new book out in stores on April 27th, as part of a contest. […]

  9. phred says:

    Not sure if the comments are moderated. If not, I didn’t post. If so, then please delete this repeat.



    My entry:

  10. PixelFish says:

    Cool….it’s fun seeing the different entries. I hope I’ll be able to get mine finished in time.

  11. aww, i totaly forgot about this. i have a day off tomorow , i hope i have enough time to draw/ink/scan/color in photoshop this idea i had.
    old mans war was AWESOME!
    if i can make something that john scalzi will like , thats like 360* inspiration !

  12. PixelFish says:

    It occurs to me you are in Australia, and I am still working on my piece. But since you are a day ahead, is the deadline the 21st your time? Does that mean that I have until tonight?

  13. Jonathan says:

    My time. So you’ve got till the end of today.

  14. PixelFish says:

    Woot! I am done! (I hope I am still in under deadline….)

    (Please let me know if you can’t see it–it may take a few minutes to load as well.)

  15. Christian says:

    PixelFish – very nice!

    I’m still hoping I have a chance, but you are going to be tough to beat.

    Chris :-)

  16. PixelFish says:

    Thanks, Christian. :)

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