Legends of Australian Fantasy

Gregory Bridges for the forthcoming anthology, Legends of Australian Fantasy, edited with Jack Dann.

I’ve not posted about this book much of late (well, I’ve not posted that much of late), but Jack Dann and I have, along with the good folk at HarperSydney been putting the finishing touches on LEGENDS OF AUSTRALIAN FANTASY.  We’ve just got the final cover in from Greg Bridges, and it’s a peach. The book features some terrific stories by some of Australia’s best known fantasy writers and will be out in June 2010.  The table of contents for the book is:

Introduction: Homegrown Legends, Jonathan Strahan and Jack Dann

  1. To Hold the Bridge: An Old Kingdom Story, Garth Nix
  2. The Mad Apprentice: A Black Magician Story, Trudi Canavan
  3. ’Twixt Firelight and Water: A Tale of Sevenwaters, Juliet Marillier
  4. The Dark Road: An Obernewtyn Story, Isobelle Carmody
  5. Crown of Rowan: A Tale of Thrysland, Kim Wilkins
  6. The Spark (A Romance in Four Acts): A Tale of the Change, Sean Williams
  7. The Corsers’ Hinge: A Lamplighter Tale, D M Cornish
  8. Tribute to Hell: A Tale of the Tainted Realm, Ian Irvine
  9. A Captain of the Gate, John Birmingham
  10. The Magic Word, Jennifer Fallon
  11. The Enchanted: A Tale of Erith, Cecilia Dart-Thornton

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  1. Will this be published in Australia only? I just tried to find in on Amazon US with no luck so I’m guessing Australia only. Any advice on the best way to order a book from there to the US?

    Gorgeous cover!

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    “Legends of Australian Fantasy | Notes from Coode Street” on my web
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