2 thoughts on “Episode 5: Live with Gary K. Wolfe”

  1. Another great podcast, guys. A few quick points.

    I’m pretty much blase about meeting writers by now (which is at least in part a result of having met Neil Gaiman long before he was famous). I’ve talked to Margaret Atwood, Michael Chabon and David Mitchell, as well as vast numbers of people in the SF field. I’ve met a few TV and movie people at cons as well, and that doesn’t phase me. But I’m pretty sure that if Duncan Jones were to turn up at the Hugo ceremony in Melbourne I would make a complete idiot of myself. The poor guy must be heartily sick of meeting old women who worshiped his father.

    As to graphic novels, there is one of Neverwhere, but it was scripted by Mike Carey, not by Neil. Mike’s a great writer and did a good job with it. He also writes superb horror novels, as well as being responsible for one of the most critically acclaimed comics around right now, The Unwritten.

    Have either of you read Bill Willingham’s Peter & Max? Bill is probably the #1 comic writer around right now, so I’m interested to see how his novel is being received.

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