Monday morning

Goddamn.  Up far too early for a public holiday Monday. It’s just after 6am and really I could do with another hour or two’s sleep. Still, circumstance has me up and awake, and so be it. With yesterday’s podcast safely recorded (it’s been reasonably mentioned I should annotate them which I guess I will, though it means working out some reasonable way to do so without listening to a whole hour’s worth of podcast), today will be all about Engineering Infinity and reading. Things are definitely moving towards a conclusion on the book, so now’s the time.

It is on my list of things to do to call a couple of my editing colleagues to discuss projects. Jack and I have wound up Legends to our great mutual satisfaction, so we need to see what might be next. Lou and I have been kicking an idea around too. Much too early to say more about that, though I think it has promise, and Gardner and I still need to come to a conclusion on something.  In amongst those all, there’s another project or two around.  None of these, of course, are really at the solid proposal stage so work, work, work is needed.

How does this overlap with the books I’m actually doing? Well, as I say Engineering Infinity is almost done. Copyedits for Godlike Machines should be through soon, and also last page passes on Life on Mars. From there I move on to working on the cyberpunk book with Marianne, the year’s best, Eclipse Four, and The Best of Joe Haldeman.  I also need to do the first round of follow-ups on Under My Hat. I know that sounds like enough to be getting on with, but by April of next year (not that far away) all of these books will be delivered and moving in to various states of production, so we’ll see.

I did notice, when reading Fred Pohl’s blog, that Gateways is due out next month. This is a tribute volume where various writers influenced by Pohl contribute new stories. I admit to being vaguely aware of this book coming together – just as there are a couple others out there happening at the moment – but for some reason this one really crept up on me. An SF anthology with new original stories by Vinge, Bear, Benford, Doctorow, Gaiman, Niven, Wolfe and others?!?  How did I let this slip past? It’s out in July and I’ve seen no galleys, heard no whispers. It has every chance of being THE SF antho of the year. I need this.

While emails have gone off to New York about Gateways, I continue apace through the early stages of The Dervish House.  Gary and I discussed it briefly yesterday. McDonald can write like an angel when he wants to.  Someone should do a new collection of his.  I mean, really. Anyway, on to morning emails and so on…

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  1. I’m not just loving the sound of Gateways, but I think I’m actually hoping quite a few of them take the title literally, and instead of just giving us something influenced by Pohl, give us new Heechee/Gateway stories. Easily one of my favourite SF series ever, and with a lot of potential as a setting – and easily my favourite of Pohl’s work. Perhaps it is time for a reread.

  2. Are there enough uncollected McDonald stories to warrant a new collection at this point? Only “The Tear”, “[a ghost samba]” and “Tendeleo’s Story” are coming to mind. Not that I would object to someone reprinting the material in Empire Dreams and Speaking in Tongues, mind.

  3. I’d need to look it up, but I’m pretty sure there’s more than enough to fill a book – it’s been a while since the last general one. Also I’d most like to see a best of done.

  4. There is enough actually to easily fit 2 books. I think there is around 30 uncollected stories. Remember, other then the Future India collection his last was in 1991.

    I really hope someone does a collection of his soon. Wayyyy overdue.

  5. When does Godlike Machines appear?

    Definitely more than that, Niall. Given hell might freeze over before publisher or author redoes the old books digitally, new ones sounds good tome.

  6. Thanks for the mention of Gateways. I get the Tor catalogs and don’t recall seeing this, not sure why it slipped under my radar, being a fan of Gaiman, Wolfe and Niven, among others.

    Haven’t had a chance to get Dervish House yet, but I read McDonald for the first time this year (Desolation Road, Cyberabad Days) and was very impressed. I’ll have River of Gods and Ares Express on my shelves waiting for me.

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