Episode 7: Live with Gary K. Wolfe and Amelia Beamer

Amelia Beamer's first novel, The Loving DeadAuthor, critic, photographer, and Locus editor Amelia Beamer joins Gary and I for a new podcast as our first ever guest. Amelia was only just home from Locus HQ in Oakland,  Gary was taking some time out from reading for his column in Chicago, and I was still pottering around after breakfast while the kids are off at swimming lessons in Perth.

I once again showed mylack of technical skills in the audio arena, but we discussed:

  • being a first-time novelist, writing and The Loving Dead;
  • Kim Stanley Robinson’s astounding new short story; and
  • the SF Signal Mind Meld on short story collections you have to have and whether there’s a language we can use to discuss the history of the SF field that’s inclusive,

There’s probably some other stuff, but we recorded this this morning and I’m not going to re-listen to the whole thing. We hope you enjoy it as always and will see you next weekend!

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