The Coode Street Feminist Advisory Committee Auxilliary Podcast: Live with Tansy Rayner Roberts

Well, Gary is off in the wilds of New Orleans for matters celebratory, enjoying good food and better company while I was at home in Perth slaving over a hot anthology. In the interests of podcasty goodness, I called up Tany Rayner Robers from the Coode Street Feminist Advisory Committee and we discussed the year in short fiction. Was it a good year, a bad year, or something else?

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  1. Just for the record, my favorite anthology of the year was Swords and Dark Magic. (I have obtained a copy of Godlike Machines, but have yet to read it. Those of us who don’t read things until they’re actually published aren’t quite done with 2010 yet!) Great podcast.

  2. I’m several podcasts behind – and didn’t want to comment on an ancient post, but last time The FAC joined the podcast, there was discussion of the Ditmars.

    As a “lapsed Australian”, I’m interested in what is being published there, in the hope that I can get a bit more of a view of the field. Where do I look to find potential Ditmar nominees?

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