Greg Egan’s Axiomatic

Cover art for Greg Egan's Axiomatic
Axiomatic by Greg Egan

I’ve been blogging over on Facebook this week about some of the great Australian science fiction and fantasy books I encountered when I first entered the SF field.  If you want to check them out,  they’re in here somewhere.

The book that really stands out for me, the first explosion on the local scene, was when a UK publisher gathered together the first batch of hard science fiction stories by local writer Greg Egan in Axiomatic.

Egan had been publishing standout stories like “Learning to be Me”, “The Moral Virologist”, “Axiomatic” and others. Big SF stories tackling big ideas.  I’ve said elsewhere that the stories Egan published between 1985 and 1995 represent one of the great bodies of SF short fiction and stand among the great entries to our field, and this book was a key part of that.  Heady stuff, and still recommended.

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