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The funniest thing

Sophie thought the funniest thing in the world, the absolute official funniest thing in the world was to go up to someone and say ‘Happy New Ear’. She’d run up to people, say ‘Happy New Ear’, collapse into giggles, run away, run back, and say it again. It never wasn’t funny. Never. Really. Well, to her.

Books I’m looking forward to…

Gavin Grant discusses The James Tiptree Anthology 2 over at ‘Not a Journal’, and along the way mentions one of the books I most excited about seeing. Later this year St Martin’s Press will publish Julie Phillips’ biography, James Tiptree Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon. There’s an excerpt from the book in the anthology, and it’s terrific. From everything I’ve heard, Sheldon led an extraordinary life, and Phillips seems to be a writer who can do it justice. Can’t wait to see it.

Year’s bests

I posted this over on my Night Shade message board, and thought I’d repeat it here. Karen Haber and I completed and delivered the final two year’s bests we’re doing together for iBooks a month or so ago. The books will be published in February. After that, if things go well, I’ll be editing both series solo. In the meantime, the tables of contents are:

Science Fiction: Best of 2005

  1. Triceratops Summer, Michael Swanwick
  2. Little Faces, Vonda N. McIntyre
  3. The Second Coming of Charles Darwin, James Morrow
  4. Is There Life After Rehab?, Pat Cadigan
  5. Zima Blue, Alastair Reynolds
  6. The Fulcrum, Gwyneth Jones
  7. The Blemmye’s Dilemma, Bruce Sterling
  8. They Will Raise You in a Box, Wil McCarthy
  9. Finished, Robert Reed
  10. The King of Where-I-Go, Howard Waldrop
  11. The Calorie Man, Paolo Bacigalupi
  12. The Fate of Mice, Susan Palwick
  13. I Robot, Cory Doctorow
  14. The Little Goddess, Ian McDonald

Fantasy: Best of 2005

  1. Two Hearts, Peter S. Beagle
  2. Snowball’s Chance, Charles Stross
  3. A Knot of Toads, Jane Yolen
  4. Boatman’s Holiday, Jeffrey Ford
  5. Ikiryoh, Liz Williams
  6. CommComm, George Saunders
  7. The Language of Moths, Christopher Barzak
  8. Anyway, M Rickert
  9. The Emperor of Gondwanaland, Paul Di Filippo
  10. The Pirate’s True Love, Seana Graham
  11. Intelligent Design, Ellen Klages
  12. Pip and the Fairies, Theodora Goss
  13. Grace Notes, Megan Lindholm
  14. Leviathan, Simon Brown
  15. The Denial, Bruce Sterling
  16. The Farmer’s Cat, Jeff VanderMeer
  17. Magic for Beginners, Kelly Link

I should have a final ToC for Best Short Novels: 2006 shortly too.


Got an email from CHARLES this morning wishing me happy birthday, which was swell. Normally, we get to have a drink over dinner to celebrate, but this year we’ll hold it over till BrisVegas. Actually, we might even have a double birthday dinner, him and me, one night. I think Liza is coming, so it would be fun. I also missed a birthday call from Sharyn, but she left a great message singing me happy birthday, which was very cool.

And how was the birthday? It was fine. Got nice presents, spent time with loved ones, didn’t drink too much – all in all, it failed to suck. Of course, I’m 42 now, but there you go. Today is the day, though. No more excuses. I owe CHARLES a year-in-review piece, so it’s head’s down until it’s done. I’m guessing tomorrow, but we’ll see. I have notes, and know pretty much what I want to say, but I need to get it all down in words. It’ll be horrible, but you gotta do it. :)