Episode 168: Terminology, hard SF and other inexactiudes

After an unexpected break the Coode Street Podcast returns to discuss the use of terminology in genre, Linda Nagata’s recent io9 article on hard SF, and other things large and small.

Assuming nothing unexpected happens, this episode marks the final official recording session for the podcast before our long holiday hiatus. New episodes recorded in Brighton will appear December 7 (169) and December 14 (170).

We will be running a series of classic repeats that have been chosen by long-time listener Cat Sparks to hopefully entertain you during the hiatus and will return in late January energised and ready for an exciting year.

In the meantime we wish you, your family, your friends and everyone else a safe and happy holiday season and a wonderful 2014!

6 thoughts on “Episode 168: Terminology, hard SF and other inexactiudes”

  1. The term “Black Friday” started among retail workers in Philadelphia complaining about how horrible it was to work the day after Thanksgiving. The idea that it refers to “going into the black” was the result of a deliberate PR campaign by retail owners in the 1980s.

  2. I agree with Mr. Kiesche, this shall be a dark and cold time. However, I shall be warming my world by listening to the podcasts from the beginning!

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