Episode 279: Tom Reamy, posterity and the death of the midlist


Before Coode Street goes on hiatus for a few weeks when each of us travel to various exotic realms, we address a question which Jonathan raised about new editions of work by Clifford Simak and Tom Reamy—namely, what happens to the work of older writers in a world in which the midlist has all but disappeared? How do writers “read back” in the genre—or do they need to at all? How do writers as diverse as Joe Abercrombie and Neil Gaiman come across the work of Fritz Leiber, for example, or how do writers like Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Kij Johnson encounter Lovecraft? And for readers and writers who came of age in the 1990s or later, does “reading back” mean the same thing it did for earlier generations?

Then we chat a bit about our plans for Coode Street at MidAmericon in August, what we’re reading now, and what we’re looking forward to reading on the break. As always, we hope you enjoy the episode, and hope you don’t miss the podcast too much! See you in late July!

Coode Street Live!

There will be at least one live Coode Street show this coming summer. We’re going to be at MidAmericon 2, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention, in Kansas City, Missouri over the weekend of 17-21 August!

We’ve already lined up some special guests and just as soon as we have an official time we will let you all know. We’ll also be recording it as a podcast so that everyone who can’t be there will still be able to catch up with the show.

We are also researching possible locations for a Coode St bar meet up. More on that soon. Let us know if you’re going to be at Worldcon!

Episode 278: Life achievement and such

This weekend Gary and Jonathan found time amongst their growing commitments to grab an hour or so and sit down over a microphone and discuss the World Fantasy Awards life achievement award, its rules, its recipients, and some people they feel might be considered for the award. 

We also have announced that we will be taking an intermittent hiatus during July and August. There will be an episode this coming weekend, then a break of a month. It’s possible there may be an episode during this time, but honestly, recording podcasts while on holidays in Tuscany just doesn’t seem likely, does it?

As always, though, we hope you enjoy this episode. More next week!

No episode this week

There won’t be a new episode of the Coode Street Podcast this week. Gary is awak on ICFA business, so with one thing or another, we can’t seem to work out timing. We both figure you’ll all be fine till next week. You will, won’t you? Let us know what you’re going to do instead of listen to the podcast this week on Twitter at @coodestreet