Episode 287: The Series Hugo and more

After last week’s experiments with audio ended up in a lost recording, this week we turned to more traditional methods to make sure we’d be bringing you a new episode this week. 

For about an hour, Gary an


d I discuss the new Best Series category for the Hugo Awards (in great and possible inaccurate detail(, trends in alternate history, and some new books that we’ve been reading. We also mention our next guest.

As always, we hope you enjoy the episode. See you next week!

2 thoughts on “Episode 287: The Series Hugo and more”

  1. Regarding the rules for what counts as a ‘series’ in the new Hugo category, I’m wondering if the rules as they stand (requiring unified characters, plot, or world) would allow for a set of books that don’t fit these specifications, but are nonetheless considered as a series by the author. The example that springs to mind for me is Rikki Ducornet’s Four Elements tetralogy (The Stain, Raising Fire, The Fountains of Neptune, and The Jade Cabinet). Each entry in the series, as far as I remember, has no shared characters or plots, and it’s not clear that each takes place in the same world, but all have shared themes and are thought of as one project by Ducornet.

  2. I think any series would have to, as a minimum, meet the ‘unified characters, plot, or world’ requirement. So it’s got to be a multi-volume science fiction or fantasy story, unified by elements such as plot, characters, setting, and presentation, which has appeared in at least three volumes consisting of a total of at least 240,000 words. I don’t think the author considering it a series would count, no.

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