Going to San Antonio next year?

I have just signed up to join the 190 other people who are planning on attending the 2017 World Fantasy Convention in San Antonio, Texas in November 2017. Now is a great time to buy a membership, given the price will rise tomorrow (from $150 to $225).

I think it’s also a great time to show support for the convention. There were some issues in the run up to the Columbus event, which seems to have gone off very well, but the convention did attempt to address them. I think there’s a good chance 2017 will be great, though that depends on everyone showing up!

With Karen Joy Fowler, Greg Manchess, David Mitchell, Gordon Van Gelder and Martha Wells lined up as guests, it certainly looks great. And with all sorts of cool people already signed up to attend, it should be a lot of fun.

Still, 190 out of a possible 950 attendees… There could be more. I know that number is low because Garth and Sean and I just bought memberships. Will we see you there? Aussies? I hope so!

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