Episode 331: On missing Gardner Dozois

Gardner Dozois

This week Gary and Jonathan spend some time discussing the work and legacy of Gardner Dozois (1947-2018), who died recently. A friend and colleague, Gardner was also a brilliant writer, a perceptive critic, a skilled story doctor and possibly the most influential editor in the history of science fiction. His three novels, several short story collections, and well over a hundred anthologies will stand the test of time, with the 35 volume The Year’s Best Science Fiction and his nearly 20 years as editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction standing at the heart of his legacy. He was also kind, supportive, and enormously good fun. He’ll be sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

One thought on “Episode 331: On missing Gardner Dozois”

  1. Two quick comments: One, Gary wondered how many stories were in those thirty-five volumes. I have the answer: 998.

    And, just for fun, this snippet from the torrent of social media comments and tributes after Gardner’s death: Terry Bisson said that when Gardner bought “Bears Discover Fire”, he commented “It’s not science fiction, but let ’em complain!”

    “Bears” later appeared not only in The Year’s Best Science Fiction, but also in Modern Classics of Fantasy!

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