Episode 353: New projects and old books

9781598535013.jpgThis week Jonathan and Gary are back, fitting another episode in between travel, work, and family commitments. Gary opens up with a thoroughly reasonable discussion about writers from the 1990s and 2000s who may have published major works but have fallen from sight in recent years, while Jonathan attempts to get Gary interested in a new segment. Along the way there’s discussion of the history of anthologies and whether genre fiction is more likely to be the home of theme anthologies, a new Gwyneth Jones book on the work of Joanna Russ, the state of various Library of America projects, and more.

All in all, a typical ramble. In coming weeks Gary will be in Seattle for the 2019 Locus Awards weekend, Jonathan will be in Seattle for Clarion West, and both of them will be in Dublin for WorldCon 2019. Hopefully more podcast episodes will be recorded before then.


2 thoughts on “Episode 353: New projects and old books”

  1. William Gibson didn’t go *back* to Canada – he was born in South Carolina, spent most of his childhood in Virginia, and didn’t move to Canada until he was nineteen (partly to avoid the Vietnam draft, though he was never actually drafted).

  2. I think Gary pegged it exactly and brushed it off–the literary equivalent of an sf anthology is a journal. McSweeneys, Granta, and Tin House are unthemed anthologies while Conjunctions is exactly like a themed anthology series that comes out twice a year.

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