Episode 539: A Very Coode Street Gift Guide

We’re getting to the end of an extraordinary year and it’s almost time to shutter the podcast before a well-earned holiday break.

But, before Gary and Jonathan close the door on the Gershwin Room for the last time for 2020, a special gift guide episode. There were no notes, no plans, no lists – just some off-the-cuff gift suggestions for the holidays.  We hope you’ll consider your local independent businesses when choosing gifts for the holidays. They’re a vital part of our communities.

While this isn’t the last time you’ll hear from Coode Street in 2020, we would like to thank you all for listening and wish you and your loved ones a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.

Episode 538: Sheree Renée Thomas, Charles Coleman Finlay and F&SF

Jonathan and Gary continue their irregular 2020 schedule with a conversation with Charles Coleman Finlay, who for more than five years has carried on the grand tradition of editing The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fictionand Sheree Renée Thomas, who picks up the mantle as new editor beginning with the March/April 2021 issue. We talk about the magazine’s distinguished history, the challenges of maintaining an iconic magazine in a radically changing short fiction field, and their own experiences as SF readers, writers, and editors.

Episode 537: Ten Minutes with Charlie Jane Anders

Ten minutes with… is a special series presented by Coode Street that sees readers and book lovers from around the world talk about what they’re reading right now and what’s getting them through these difficult times.

Hugo and Nebula winner Charlie Jane Anders talks about some new books she’s been reading by Rebecca Roanhorse, Holly Black, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Darcy Little Badger, some past favourites including Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Katherine Dunne, and Ursula K. Le Guin, and her own forthcoming YA trilogy—as well as the differences between writing YA and adult fiction.

Books mentioned include:

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