Episode 547: Nominating for the World Fantasy Awards

Welcome to episode 5 of Season 12 of The Coode Street Podcast. After three weeks of unexcused absences, Jonathan and Gary return, just as the world starts re-emerging with the announcement that the Montreal World Fantasy Convention, at least at present, expects to host an in-person event in early November. That led us to return to our occasional discussion of possible candidates for Life Achievement Awards (limited to those over 62 years of age), with Jonathan again presenting his case for Howard Waldrop, which Gary finds it hard to disagree with. But Gary also mentions several other eligible possibilities.

That leads us toward the other categories on the ballot, and we name some possible candidates for novel, novella, anthology, collection, and artist, as well as the more mysterious categories of special achievements, professional and nonprofessional.  As always, we welcome reminders of those we have inevitably overlooked, some of which we will undoubtedly embarrassed about.

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast. We’ll see you again soon!

World Fantasy Awards eligibility

With World Fantasy Awards nominations opening, I’ve been asked what I’ve worked on is eligible.  Here’s a quick overview:



Short fiction (under 10,000 wds)

  • Yuli, Daniel Abraham (The Book of Dragons)
  • Lucky’s Dragon, Kelly Barnhill (The Book of Dragons)
  • Except on Saturdays, Peter S. Beagle(The Book of Dragons)
  • Where the River Turns to Concrete, Brooke Bolander (The Book of Dragons)
  • Hikayat Sri Bujang, or, The Tale of The Naga Sage, Zen Cho (The Book of Dragons)
  • The Last Hunt, Aliette de Bodard(The Book of Dragons)
  • The Long Walk, Kate Elliott (The Book of Dragons)
  • We Don’t Talk About the Dragon, Sarah Gailey (The Book of Dragons)
  • Pox, Ellen Klages (The Book of Dragons)
  • The Nine Curves River, R.F. Kuang(The Book of Dragons)
  • We Continue, Anne Leckie & Rachel Swirsky (The Book of Dragons)
  • A Whisper of Blue, Ken Liu  (The Book of Dragons)
  • Anything Resembling Love,  S. Qiouyi Lu (Tor.com)
  • Maybe Just Go Up There And Talk To It, Scott Lynch (The Book of Dragons)
  • Small Bird’s Plea, Todd McCaffrey(The Book of Dragons)
  • Hoard, Seanan McGuire (The Book of Dragons)
  • Camouflage, Patricia A McKillip (The Book of Dragons)
  • Cut me another quill, Mister Fitz, Garth Nix (The Book of Dragons)
  • The Necessary Arthur, Garth Nix (Tor.com)
  • Habitat, KJ Parker (The Book of Dragons)
  • Judge Dee and the Limits of the Law, Lavie Tidhar (Tor.com)

Professional Achievement 

  • Jonathan Strahan (The Book of Dragons; Prosper’s Demons, The Tindalos Asset; The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water;  Tor.com stories)
  • The Coode Street Podcast [178episodes] [co-hosted with Gary K. Wolfe.]

I’d also recommend Rovina Cai for Artist for her work on The Book of Dragons.

I hope you’ll consider supporting the talented people that I’ve worked with during the year.