Episode 556: Lavie Tidhar and a World of Science Fiction

The Best of World SF: Volume 1Welcome to episode 14 of Season 12 of The Coode Street Podcast. This week Jonathan and Gary are joined by multiple award-winning author and editor Lavie Tidhar to discuss his brand new anthology, The Best of World SF: Vol 1, his years working to bring SF from around the world to North American and UK audiences, the value of reading widely and from different perspectives, and much more. Along the way we also touch on his forthcoming new novels The Escapement and The Hood, and much more.

As always, our thanks to Lavie for making time to talk to us and we hope you enjoy the episode. See you again soon!

2 thoughts on “Episode 556: Lavie Tidhar and a World of Science Fiction”

  1. I was looking at your upcoming books list. It would seem, alas, that The Year’s Best Science Fiction isn’t going to be. More’s the pity. I like your Year’s Best Books. Only missing a couple of the very, very early ones. Perhaps it’ll happen again sometime. Hope springs eternal.

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