Underslept, early on a Thursday (not much later in), the same pandemic

I hurt my left foot a while ago. I thought it had healed up just find, but the last day or two – not great. And then sleeping. Sleeping these days is weird too. Had a terrible night’s sleep the night before last and a below par, though better, one last night. Hopefully heading in the right direction, though.

Another scare yesterday that had Perth wondering if there’d be a lockdown. It’s a strange thing seeing all of your colleagues at work going around saying “Mark’s doing a presser” and then grouped around desks, watching video to see what’s going to happen. It feels another lockdown at some point is inevitable before we’re done, and if it is we’ll cope, but glad it wasn’t today.

Watched the latest episode of the rather fabulous season 3 of Miracle Workers, which had a memorable musical performance from Daniel Radcliffe, and then tried to get some reading in before bed. I think I was flagging too much, though.

You’ll note no much talk of editing or proposals for new projects. The editing is happening – got some Locus and Tor stuff moved forward – but the proposals remain a bit stalled. Maybe this coming weekend.

For now, back to my book, and then off to the office for the day.

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