Early Monday morning, same pandemic

Well, it doesn’t look like blogging every day is a thing, though I am planning to keep to it. Another night’s poor sleep, after what was  a pretty good weekend.  Didn’t do much reading, but did pitch a new book, have wine and chat at Keira’s (which was a highlight of the weekend), see friends for spicy soup dinner at King Hotpot, catch up with the brother over at Sayer’s in Leederville for breakfast on Saturday, do some house stuff, get Jessica and me out to Yahava for our driveby,  and then see Russell (far too long) for hot chicken sandwiches at Drasko’s.

We also packed up Jessica’s room because this week is painting week. We’ll have a painter here and it’s going to be disruptive as heck, but it’s the first step. We risk lagging behind, but it should be followed by new patio, redecorated family room, and repainting elsewhere in the house. Hopefully, by 1 December that will all be done. We shall see. Oh and there was also an edit-drama, but that should be under control.

Like many, I’m watching and enjoying Jean Smart in Hacks and keeping up with other stuff. I’ll report in as the week goes on, but interesting times here. Hopefully some kind of path to better times.

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