Episode 591: The Coode Street Advent Calendar: Nicola Griffith

spear.jpegThe end of the year is fast approaching, and this year the Coode Street Podcast is doing something a little different. We’ve invited 24 creators of some of this year’s best and most interesting books to join us for ten minutes or so to talk about what they’re reading now, their favourite holiday reads, what they had out this year, and what they’ve got coming out in the year ahead. It’s a Coode Street Advent Calendar if that’s your thing, or just a run-up to December 24 for book lovers.

Today’s guest is the wonderful Nicola Griffith, the multiple award-winning author of Ammonite, Slow River, Hild, and many more. Her brilliant queer recasting of the Arthurian story, Spear, was published earlier this year.

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