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Got an email from CHARLES this morning wishing me happy birthday, which was swell. Normally, we get to have a drink over dinner to celebrate, but this year we’ll hold it over till BrisVegas. Actually, we might even have a double birthday dinner, him and me, one night. I think Liza is coming, so it would be fun. I also missed a birthday call from Sharyn, but she left a great message singing me happy birthday, which was very cool.

And how was the birthday? It was fine. Got nice presents, spent time with loved ones, didn’t drink too much – all in all, it failed to suck. Of course, I’m 42 now, but there you go. Today is the day, though. No more excuses. I owe CHARLES a year-in-review piece, so it’s head’s down until it’s done. I’m guessing tomorrow, but we’ll see. I have notes, and know pretty much what I want to say, but I need to get it all down in words. It’ll be horrible, but you gotta do it. :)