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The Jack Vance Treasury

A week or two ago I mentioned that I had a new project that I’m co-editing with Terry Dowling suddenly come to life. That project is The Jack Vance Treasury. As you’ll be able to see from following the link, it’s a 175,000 word hardcover collection bringing together a selection of Vance’s very best short fiction, including such classics as “The Moon Moth”, “The Last Castle”, and “The Dragon Masters”. Just as soon as Terry and I both clear our schedules, we’ll do the final reading, assemble the manuscript, get the main intro together, along with some story notes, and the book will be barreling towards being completed.

New project

I sold a new project yesterday. I’m still more than a little bemused to be involved with the project – it’s not really mine at all – so I thought I might blog about it because I’d like to get it clear in my head, and maybe give you some idea about what goes into my getting to do a project.

To start, we need to go back at least three years. I don’t have the specific details anymore, but it was probably sometime in 2000 or 2001 that I began talking to my friend Terry Dowling about doing a project together. At the time I’d just finished working with Eidolon Publications, was busy with Locus, and had nothing much else on my plate.

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