In about 12hrs I get on the plane for Sydney, and the on to Oakland. I won’t be accessing email from 5am on Tuesday till about 5am on Wednesday. I should then be able to access email at the usual address through till the evening on Monday 30 August. I’ll be in Boston from Tues 31 August till Tuesday 7 September. Email access will be very spotty during that time, but I’ll do what I can. From Tuesday 7 September till Thursday 9 September I’ll be traveling, so will be offline till Friday 10 September. Please forgive any delays in responding, and see you in Oakand or Boston if possible!


What a week. I’ve been struck down by the virus from hell which doesn’t seem to get spectacularly worse, it just doesn’t go away. So, I’ve been slumped, thick-headed and dopey on a couch watching the Olympics and doing little of much worth. For whatever reason, I just can’t seem to read much when I’m sick, so this has been a real set back. Still, there’s time.

I noted a few days back that I’d started to read the new Stephen Donaldson novel. I now note, without further comment, that I’ve stopped. Not sure what next. Probably just some short fiction. The latest Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet has a lovely story by Deborah Roggie, “The Enchanted Trousseau”, that you should definitely check out. I’m also about to start in on the December Asimov’s. The year is slipping away.


Gavin and Kelly are crazy people, in a good way. In between life and it’s daily travails they both write wonderful fiction, edit fine anthologies and somehow find time to publish a magazine and books. They’ve just announced their latest, a chapbook of stories and poems by Theodora Goss. I loved her stories “The Rose in Twelve Petals” and “Professor Berkowitz Stands on the Threshold”, both of which are in the chapbook, and think her new story “Miss Emily Gray”, from Steve Pasechnick’s fine Alchemy, is definitely amongst the year’s best. I suspect you need this one, and know I do. I just don’t know how Gavin and Kelly find time to sleep.

On a less happy note, the new Donaldson has a particularly ugly opening paragraph. It’ll get better though. I’m sure of it. Definitely. Really. Probably.

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