Ted Chiang’s Exhalation (Fixed)

The good folk at Night Shade have posted the full text of Ted Chiang’s Hugo and BSFA Award nominated story “Exhalation” in multiple formats on their website for the joy and delectation of readers everywhere. There is also a wonderful podcast of the story over at Starship Sofa. The story is from my anthology Eclipse Two. I’d like to thank Ted and Night Shade for being willing to let this happen.

Note: Link now fixed.

4 thoughts on “Ted Chiang’s Exhalation (Fixed)”

  1. How wonderful, for those who don’t have Eclipse 2!

    However, I no longer number myself among that mangy, deprived, and generally clueless bunch. I’ll be curling up with my deceased tree version, thank you very much! Haven’t reached the Chiang story yet, though.

  2. Seems WordPress didn’t like the Tiny URL I used. Sorry about that. All fixed now.

    And yes Peter, I think E2 is worth it. :)

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