The Monday Book

Every Monday morning Jessica’s teacher asks her class to report in on what they did on the weekend. While sometimes Jessica is a clear and energetic reporter about her activities, sometimes she struggles a bit. And so, The Monday Book was born.  The idea is that each weekend Marianne, Jessica, Sophie and I keep a bit of a record of what we’ve been doing on the weekend, keeping track, taking photos and so on. On Sunday evening we then take the photos, place them in a Word file and add comments on what we did, what happened, and what was important over the weekend. The pages then get printed out and added to The Monday Book. We’re only getting started, but I think it should be fun, and good for Jess. The picture at right, the very first Monday Book picture, is of Sophie just after she returned from dance class. She’s showing off her new moves. And yes, parents find these things endlessly fascinating, and we realise others don’t. :)