Autumn river heart of darkness

Yesterday I baked muffins for the first time. Jessica had gone swimming, and Sophie and I were home together for a while, so we made blueberry muffins. They were a real hit, especially during family movie matinee that afternoon. In the evening Richard Scriven, who’s in town from Melbourne, came over and he,  Robin Pen and I had dinner. It was a great evening, just like old times. This morning has been a bit crazy. First up, I called CHARLES and we caught up above life, Cecilia Holland, his new curmudgeonly column, and such. Then, off to the Autum River Festival, a great annual event held along the Swan River. It was all bouncy castles, hot dogs, face painting, music, bubble blowers, stilt walkers, giant kites and such. A fantastic family event. Then off to a kid’s party at a local play place. I’m currently sitting at a table while kids run and scream around, trying to come up with flap copy for a new Lucius Shepard collection that my pal Bill is publishing. The only problem is that I have no inspiration. I know the collection’s a good one. It covers a healthy selection of Lucius’s stories, covering gthe 25 years or so of his professional career. But, to summarise. Maybe the screaming kids will inspire me.