Episode 104: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!

And with the Waldorf Room closed, Gary and I retired to the wine bar high atop the Coode Street Motel 6 to chat about stuff. These notes might be more clear, were I not rushing for a plane, but I can guarantee it contains waffling and is definitely 100% Coode!

3 thoughts on “Episode 104: Live with Gary K. Wolfe!”

  1. regarding Ender’s Game, I was interested to see Paul Krugman mention it a couple of times in his recent Wired interview. I haven’t read it myself, probably because I basically stopped reading sf in the early 1980s and only started aain fairly recently.

  2. On frontier stories, I don’t think that post-apocalyptic settings are the only place where such stories can still be told. There are also certain historical settings that are evidently considered valid. I think of four recent movies set in the Roman period, and at least partly around Hadrian’s Wall in northern Britain, King Arthur, The Last Legion, Centurion and The Eagle. Of these, only The Last Legion is not strongly coded as a western, with native Britons standing in for Native Americans.

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