Jetlag is slowly fading. I got out and exercised a little yesterday, and more this morning. Definitely collapsed last night and actually had a fairly unbroken sleep for the first time in several weeks, so things may be heading in the right direction. Still only 80%, though.

Time, however, does not wait for me to recover from jetlag and what may be residual con crud. Part of yesterday was sent tinkering with the table of contents for The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Seven, which is due at the publisher in mid-December. I have perhaps four short story slots I’m tinkering with, and the remaining 30 are set. There are writers I’d love to have had in the book, but permissions or other practicalities have prevented me from doing so. Still, I think the core of the book is coming together nicely. I still have the dreaded introduction to write, but that can wait till December.

At the same time I’m launching a bunch of new projects that will fill the second part of next year, while also desperately looking for new stories for Eclipse Online. I probably need another four or five stories pretty quickly, so I’m looking for them quite urgently. Also trying to work out the structure of a possible new Infinity book and a magazine project. Lots to do.

And reading? I think I’ve abandoned the new Ian McKewan, which hasn’t held my attention. I have some short stuff to read, and the first of the 2013 magazines (!!), but I think some Mike Harrison is next. Busy times, with lots to do between now and year’s end.