Episode 126: In which rambling continues…

After a long delay due to technical issues with our hosting service, Podbean, we are now able to bring you the latest episode of The Coode Street Podcast. Episode 126 was recorded on Sunday, 9 December by Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe, who rambled about various subjects to do with science fiction and fantasy. The recording was done so long ago, though, that neither podcaster quite remembers what they discussed or is willing to listen to the podcast to find out what.  If you do listen to the podcast, please consider describing this episode in the comments. “General rambling”, commenters are reminded, is a category and not a description.  Although we don’t remember the podcast, we still hope you enjoy it. We’ll be back next weekend, technology permitting, with a new episode!

2 thoughts on “Episode 126: In which rambling continues…”

  1. In terms of the 1960s did I miss discussion of Thomas M Disch’s ‘The Genocides’ and ‘Camp Concentration’? Or for that matter the start of Robert Silverberg’s run with ‘Hawksbill Station’ and ‘Thorns’?

  2. Somewhat Rambly, yes.

    Hmm…would Robert Silverberg (still alive, mind) be a good choice to have the NY Times tackle. He’s written an awful lot of stories that are often overlooked in favor of a few of his novels

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